Meet Kasey

Ugh... what is that face about??

Hi!  I'm glad you're here. 

You.  Your sweet self, specifically. 

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs!  I hope you enjoy your stay.

My name is Kasey, I live in Indianapolis (waddup Naptown!), and I'm totally into food.  It's a love-love relationship.

I'm often getting "assistance" when I am in the kitchen.

Everything I've learned in baking and cooking has been self-taught.  Someday I know I'll get a more "legit" education, but life is super legit these days, and I'm learnin' some mad skills already.  I read.  I follow blogs.  I collect cook books.  I try things.  Sometimes failing, sometimes winning.  I try and do more of the latter.  

Inspiration comes from this fine lady - my momma.

I suppose it began when I was a kid, helping my mom make all those sugar cookies to decorate for Christmas.  Or maybe it was my obsession over the themed cakes she made us for our birthdays.  OR MAYBE it was an influence from all corners of my family - everyone kicks butt at cooking and we never were disappointed in the fares offered at the table.  They're all stellar.

'Staches for wedding cupcakes.

My blog is kind of... new?  It definitely started out way back (in 2009) as an online journal type of thing.  You can find all kinds of insight into my crazy brain if you reach back far enough.  But here we are, food-focused and all.  Aren't you excited?  I'm excited.  I'm practically jumping for joy!

Some fast facts about me:

1. My favorite appetizer is from the Broad Ripple Brew Pub here in Indy.  Best soft pretzel with grainy-hot mustard and cheese.  Ever.  Everrrrrrrrrrrr.

Magical pretzel, about to be devoured.

2. I once cut the tip of my finger (almost) off while making strawberry shortcakes.  Trauma city.

3. I'm obsessed with Anthropologie home items.  And Etsy.  And Midland Antiques.  They're all just so... right.  Aren't they?  Do yourself a favor and peruse these fantastic places.

4. I can quote Steel Magnolias like it's my job.   I really wish I was a sweet southern lady.  Sweet and saucy.  I'd totally rock out the big hair and front porch gossip sessions.

5. My girlfriend, Cori, is my sous chef/partner in crime/voice of reason/chief taste-tester.  It's a rare thing when I make food without her present.  I mean... who's going to encourage the butter use?  I'm only one woman!

Cori, "tasting" the Butterbeer for the umpteenth time.

My pictures are mostly taken with my space phone, though I am totally open to being gifted upgrading someday and getting something more fancy.  I will say, however, there are some swanky lil' apps available on my phone that do add a certain something to the pictures.  So until another piece of technology comes waltzing into my life, I'll bring you the best pictures I can muster.  Good?  Sweet.

So thanks for coming to my blog.  Check back, make friends, comment when you're into it.  It's all good, kids.


Hedgehog (Miss Weeble).  She's not the... softest cuddler.  But she really tries her best.