Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Weekly Breakdown...?

Dumbledore's Bathroom. Restoration Hardware.
The weather is warm and the kids are out playing.  Or are those geese?  Either way, they all poop a lot.

The Weekly Breakdown (temporary title of my weekly list business... I need a better suggestion, guys)

1. Life is hard.  Tweet about it.
2. WHOA! Hello there, freaky! Also, I think we found Yoda.
3. Two Chips, as told by someone's drunk wife.  Glorious.
4. Pinterest, you're drunk.
5. Am I going to make this?  I do have access to some stumps...
6. Beautiful styling.  Too bad it's in another language...
7. Some people have a lot of time (and genius) on their hands.
8. Time to reassess my pantry/fridge.  Plus, that chick is scary.
9. I hope he's talking about transmissions...

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