Saturday, April 27, 2013

Long Lists and Lazy Language

There's a large sliding glass door in my kitchen that leads out to our front patio.  Beyond that is small pond, and once you get passed the road, there's a field and open sky.  

And a dude doing jumping jacks.  In a white lab coat.  Don't ask, because I won't be able to answer any question you have about it.

This window out into the world is amazing and inspiring.  The light pours in and brightens my kitchen all day long, making it my favorite place in our home.  It is also where I create, photograph, and post my blogs.  The island is my staging area, the bar chairs are my movable props, and my new cutting board resides just within reach, should the inspiration to document bubble out of control.  

This new board is amaze-balls.  Made from bamboo, spanning a large enough space to where you can't *really* tell I'm photographing food on chairs, it's rocking my socks.  Cori was concerned as to where we would keep it, as well as to why we can't cut on a cutting board.  Pshh... I have my reasons.  Crazy reasons, but they're mine.  Don't worry about it, Cori.

I was going to post my first experience with the board, along with a recipe.  But you know what?  I really just want to share pictures with you, as well as a list of things I'm geeking out about.  Is that okay?  Are you cool with my laziness weekend list?  I hope so... because it's happening.  And if it works out and you like what I post (all eight of you), maybe we'll make this a weekly thing!  Awww... weekly internet dating.  That's how it all starts.

Also, we should think about what to call this list.  It's just rand-o things I've found while trolling the interwebs - blogs, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.  I don't want to go all cheesy and go with "Kasey's Korner", or "Listology".  Oh wait... maybe I like that.  Gahhh!  I don't know what to call it.  In the mean time, let's just look at pictures and click links, yes?

This Untitled List o' Mine

1. I wanna see how big your Brave is, epecially while belting this in the car.
2. Apparently, lefties have it rough.
3. We all need to get closer to guacamole and goat cheese.  Like... snuggled up.
4. I'm feeling like this would be wonderful spread on almost anything.  
5. Two rums make a right.  And we're not Dutch, but we are correct.
6. I smell a DIY coming on... Dip Dye napkins!
7. Astronauts demonstrate water craziness.
8. Mom jeans.  Please don't call it a comeback.  I don't care how much Elle Fanning loves them.
9. Tig notaro doesn't want be molested in her hotel room. 
10. I'll follow you down.  Down a flight of stairs.  Down an escalator.  But not that far... 

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