Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can We Keep Them

*Ugh* Sorry about my boob.

This isn't a food-full post, but I wanted to share something quite adorable and funny.  I've lifted it from an email I wrote to Cori while she's in Scotland, and then immediately felt you'd enjoy it as well!

"Today we had a high of 70 degrees - can you believe it?!  As soon as I got home I opened every window in the house.  When I was waiting for AAA to arrive, I heard children talking and it sounded as though it was coming from the bedroom.  Three kids, ages 4-7 or so, were standing at our bedroom window and talking to Ingrid (who thought it was the coolest thing ever to happen to her).  I walked in and gave a pronounced "Hi!" and they scattered.  A little while later, I heard their voices again coming from the bedroom, and this time when I greeted them, they didn't leave.  Instead, the smallest one, a sweet little girl, began firing off questions, wanting to know where the cat went, could I bring her back, and what other animals do I have?  She also asked if that was my bed, did my dad also live here, was I alone, and then told me to go get the cat.  The middle child, a boy, talked about super heroes, to which the eldest, a girl, offered "Barack Obama?", and he said "No, a super hero that is from Marvel".  Then the two girls went around the corner and the boy continued to talk to me about super heroes.  The two girls came back, and the littlest one asked if the kitty would like to eat this (she held up a piece of mulch).  The little boy said, "No!  Put that down!  That's poison!!!"  Then the little girl grabbed on to part of the bush and asked about the kitty eating that instead, and again the boy said, "That's poison!  You can't eat that!".  The oldest girl looked at me funny and said, "Is that poison?" and I said, "No... but I bet neither would taste very good... plus she'd get splinters."  That was the most beautiful little girl I think I have every seen.  I told them I needed to go because the kitties were getting hungry and there was someone at the door.  The little girl said "BYE!" like... four or five times probably, and the little boy assured me that they'd "be back later!".  Can we keep them?!?!?"

I think I've made the friend equivalent of the nosy neighbor from Home Improvement (x3).

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