Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let's Be Awesome

The garland is hung.  The lights are up.  I even have mini Christmas trees on display.  IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME, Y'ALL!  I can't even deal...

This year I've decided to make presents from scratch for friends and family, and today I practiced  a bit.  Practice makes perfect... or it weeds out the things you maybe shouldn't give to people.  In this case, however, it confirmed my good decision to make marshmallows.  Not only are they edible (thank goodness), but they're adorable and squishy and perfect!

Marshmallows work with the delicate but satisfying foe that is sugar.  Sugar needs to be watched, monitored, babied (but also left to its own devices for a bit).  Fickle and delicious, I began working with sugar in a way I hadn't before.  I had to figure out what the difference between soft crack and hard crack was.  I also had to figure out how to clean hardened sugar off of every kind of surface.

Not fun.

What is fun, however, is cutting the marshmallows up with scissors.  THAT IS THE MOST FUN.  It's super satisfying and right up there with slicing fresh mushrooms, smoothing melted chocolate over a cake, and biting into fresh meringues.  Oh my god... I spelled meringues right on the FIRST TRY.  that never happens.