Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Cakes

I love coming into a new space.  The setting-up part... it's so satisfying and refreshing.  My whole life I've been blessed with blank walls and an imagination to fill them up with.  I have plans for every new home, and each one is completely unique from the last.  Accent walls in jewel tones.  Loads of art on the walls.  Each space has to present its possibilities to me and I can only run, not walk, to that siren's call of interior decorating...

My new home, however, is presenting me with challenges.  Odd angles in the living room.  High ceilings in two major rooms.  A porch with no shade.  Kitchen with little wall space.  Bathrooms with one towel bar.  One?  One.  How do you have just one?  Where do you hang your hand towels?  And if you want your hair towel and your body towel on the same bar, what is your partner supposed to do about hers?  Solutions need to be made.  Hooks need to be hung.  I'm looking for answers, people!

One thing has been the most important throughout this entire process of "nesting":  It absolutely, without a doubt, had to feel like us.  Like Cori and I.  Like our home.  It's gotta feel lived-in, warm, and inviting.  It can't be fussy, overdone, or *gulp* boring.  Never boring.  I don't even know how I would accomplish that last one.

Over the last month, I've managed to get the dining area finished, the kitchen painted and stocked (minus the island my wonderful mother is driving to me in two weeks time), and the major pieces of furniture set.  Slowly but surely, things are being hung on the walls, bedrooms are being styled, and the Office/Craft/Animal/Harry Potter room is being perfected.  We even had Cori's family over for cheesecake this weekend.  I let a group in to see the place and things weren't even finished yet!  This is weird but awesome!