Monday, April 30, 2012

Plumber Time!

I'm waiting for the plumber.

He's not late... yet.

I'm on day three of my days off (woohoo, right?), and I'm starting to get cabin fever.  I've been baking and cooking my face off, and now all I want is some simplicity.  I want the leak in the ceiling to quit, and the geyser in the basement that is our washing machine to return to its babbling brook self.  I want the skies to finally open up and rain like they've been threatening to.  I want avocados on baguettes for lunch.

Over the course of my three days of fun I've:

Viewed two potential homes for rent.

Applied trial run prom makeup.

Planted strawberries.

Bathed a hedgehog.

Seen a great blues-rock concert.

Baked and frosted a double chocolate raspberry cake.  Don't worry... I'll tell you how I did it.

Gone power grocery shopping for things that make my thighs love me again.  Like avocado.

I'm tickled I've been able to accomplish it all, and now I'm looking for something simple.  Like smashed avocados with salt and pepper on lightly toasted baguettes.  It's so simple I'm going to forgo the recipe and trust that you know your way around the kitchen enough to make this happen.  If you're feeling slightly more fancy, you might add sliced tomatoes.  I'm thinkin' you would have the right idea with that.  Let's make things simple and easy, and stop worrying about the next place we need to be, or the next thing we need to do.

Except right now... I'm waiting.  Waiting for the plumber who is not late... yet.

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