Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun With Nature


**I'm a bit excited**

Also, I'm procrastinating getting ready for work... which isn't exactly out of my norm.  I'm not sorry that I'd rather enjoy my warm, pumpkin spiced coffee on my comfy couch.  Nor am I sorry that I'm stealing my outfitting ideas from Pinterest (because I can't exactly dress myself without help).  Nope.  Not sorry at all.

Side note:  I may have just found out that my phone can be upgraded and I MAY have just gone ahead and gotten a phone I can converse with.  No biggie.  I've always wanted to become best friends with my mobile device.  Haven't you?

These pictures have absolutely NOTHING to do with anything above... but I wanted to share them with you anyway, since life happens and I like to record it.  They're pics from a recent camping excursion I went on with my dad and step-mom in southern Indiana.  It's not all corn fields and cows, kids.  We have hills and gorgeousness down in the southern half of the state.  (sorry northern half... you're not my favorite)

Back of the "Canned Ham".  Note the well-chosen Route 66 plate frame.  And the curtains.

Various cooking methods:  Inside the camper we had an oven and a stove, and outside we had the propane grill/stove top.  (Kim as hand model/flipper)
It's important to lock the camper to protect yourselves from the natives... (Dad as Jack Nicholson from The Shining)

Food definitely happened.  All. Over. The. Place.

When camping, one must take moments of reflection... 
... stay hydrated at all times...

... and be fashion-forward.

Don't touch the Woolly Aphids (identified by Karley Hicks)

Take scenery pictures, and pictures of your dad being manly.  And kayaks.

Be safe and choose the proper equipment. 

Find things from long-lost civilizations (but don't touch them...)

And finally, remember that nature is one twisted sister.

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