Friday, September 23, 2011

Sick Day

So this sickness is taking over my body with a quickness.  I was going to bake today...  but I'm finding I'd rather just wallow.

(I'll bake... don't listen to me when I complain/whine)

For the past half hour I've been researching how to use photoshop to my advantage when it comes to food photography.  Would you like to see?  Of course you would.

Exhibit A:  Raw food (hah!) photo of some taters.  Kinda dark.  Cold.  It was a gray day, and you can totally tell.

Exhibit B:  Photoshopped taters, with their colors, brightness, contrast and blurriness adjusted.  Looks like a bright, cheery, SUNNY day, right?  The only downside is I seem to have lost some detail along the way.  The fight continues.

In an effort to make my food look more appetizing (as well as a rebellion against the Instagram app no longer letting me save original photos to my camera roll on my phone), I've decided I need to become friends - nay, BFF'S - with my spendy little photoshop program.

You'll have to pardon me if I sneak a lens flare in there every once in awhile.  It's kind of my favorite thing ever.

It's dorky and I'm sorry.  Wait.  No I'm not.

I'm going to go take some meds now.  I'll think about baking but probably not actually do it (no.  this is a lie.  I will totally bake).

Hope you're feeling better than I am.   - me

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