Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Of 2011

I'm not gonna lie...  Summer is my least favorite month.  While I enjoy the push to visit new places, the concerts and food...  I hate the heat.

Humidity?  Ugh.  Keep you freggin' humidity.

I don't lay on beaches (as if by my white legs you were shocked).  I don't lay by the pool.  It's...  hot.  I get sweaty.  It's like sweating is a sport for some of these people.  And I'm allergic to exercise.

But this summer has been relatively good.  I've been out.  I've been about.  I've been making glorious things.  So now that you're all, "Kasey... just post something with butter in it!", I'd like to show you something different.

Grab a froyo and simmer down while I share with you my summer.

Packin' for the road trip through the south!
Clouds.  Get those pictures taken of 'em.

Oh.  I made donuts.  Remember that?  

This was super tasty.  Try it.  
The Dinner Collective
I can totally recover a chair.... when my neighbor isn't home.

Hitchin' a ride, ride riiiiide, hitchin' a ride!

My dad is the best dad for me.  This is my truth.

West Virginia never looked so Film Noir-ish before.

My mom and Jon.  They live farther away, but in a great part of the South.  I approve.

Servin' it up.  Many, many desserts were had this summer.

My "kids" love me.  Well...  some of them do.

The storms...  those hit me in the right spots.

Many arty shots.  I can't not be a fan of this.

Movie night at the IMA with some of my best buds.

Special kid.  Party of one.

Hope your summer is rockin' your socks off.  Just like it is mine.  

Yours via the interwebs,

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