Saturday, August 20, 2011

Future Me

I wrote a letter to myself. 

To: Me
From: Me

It was this neat thing I heard about on a podcast I'm obsessed with I follow. 

My birthday was this week.  Monday, in fact.  Did you know that?  Yeah.  A day for me.  Every year.  So neat.

Since my brain isn't what it used to be (like it ever was), I wanted to remember what exactly I would want my 28 year-old self to know from my 27 year-old self.  Ideally I would have written this thing a whole year ago, buuuuut I didn't know about it then.  No biggie.

Since I'm always fond of sharing, I'd like to show you my letter.  Can you dig that?  Cool.

Dear Kasey in the Future,

Today you received your first comment on your blog from a total stranger. She liked you. Well... your writing, anyway. She liked your writing. How many comments have you received now? I think you should write to a future FUTURE you and ask this same question. If for no other reason but to just keep this a theme. I like themes. They feel... theme-y. That's not a word, unless... in the FUTURE it is.

In other bits, you better still be with Cori. She's the best thing EVER to happen to you. I know you feel settled and it may seem like a routine, but think of it as a life theme. She's giving, funny, playful, loving, encouraging, wondrous and better than you can imagine. She may even be better than YOU, if you can believe it. Tell her hey for me. Tell her... "what's up?". Ask her if I can have her number.

Have you found/asked for that recipe for panakukes (we've never been able to spell this, have we?)? I bet not. GET. ON. THAT.

Lastly, I want you to make a list. Of allllll the things you want to do in the next year. Yes... you need to do this right now. Right. Now. Put it in an email to yourself (much like this one), and send it to yourself in a year. Mmmkay? Let's see how many things you can get done on that list, kid. Challenge yourself. Do it. You're super competitive so I don't think this should be hard.

Oh, and lastly-lastly... Happy Birthday, Kid.

-You Know Who

(If you'd like to write a future letter, click THIS.)

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