Monday, July 18, 2011

Today is a good day

Lately I've been trying to beat the heat by staying out of it.  Kind of working.  Kind of not.

I keep venturing out for ingredients for breadtwists and pizza.  These are the things that make my house just as hot as the great outdoors.  Not exactly keeping cool, am I?

Did you know that the weather service people want us to "check on our friends and neighbors" in this heat?  I say don't check on anyone unless you're bringing butterbeer.

So what exactly have I been up to lately?  I'll share it.  Share it with you right now.  It's been a great few weeks, high heat and all.

Cori and I have been attending the IMA Summer Nights movies every chance we get.  They got even more awesome when Cori scored these chairs (guess who gets the pink one).

One mention of summer ales and it was to the grocery store for good brew.  See that?  The beer WANTS to be in my tummy.  Go figure.

Made Angel Food Cake and propped it up on said beer while both cooled.  Killin' two birds, kids.  For real.

Supervised while Cori did treatments on the animals.  I say supervised when I really mean I took pictures.  Of a chair.  There are many pictures of this chair.

Fast facts:  I love finding things at Marshall's (i.e. this top was a WIN and a HALF).

Also, butterbeer before the Harry Potter Double Feature will get me through 6 hours on my butt in a theater.

... that and the coffee drink I had at intermission.

I helped make dinner last night with my step mom Kim.  Her tomatoes in a balsamic reduction with basil are amazing.

Let's promise each other we'll put these on everything, okay?

Right.  Glad we could make that vow.

Keep your summer classy.  And full of food.  And STAY OUT OF THE HEAT/BRING ME BUTTERBEER.

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