Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Fruity...

I could bake all day.  Honestly.  If I've got the entire day off, would I rather be outside, getting "exercise" walking on a trail, or would I want to be in my warm kitchen making delicious things in my oven?  Um... yeah.  I'll give you two guesses, and the first one doesn't count.

Yay for my girlfriend, who gets to not only help out (her hand is expertly zesting the grapefruit in the photo below), but she also shares in the delight of that *first bite* of baked-ness.  Everyone should have a partner to share in the delight/triumph/holycrapdoyoutastewhatI'mtasting! experience.  They just should.  It's a win all around.

The following is the product of a new recipe I attempted (and mastered!) last night, adapted from and courtesy of Joy The Baker.

Grapefruit Honey Yogurt Scones!
1 1/2 cups of flour
1/4 sugar (to be divided post-grapefruit rubbing)
2 tbsps honey
1 tspn baking powder
1/2 tspn baking soda
1/4 tspn salt
6 tbsps unsalted butter, cold and cut into chunks (I kept mine in a bowl in the freezer until I was ready to work with it)
1 Ruby Red Grapefruit, zested, segmented and cut up (instructions at the end)
1/2 cup greek yogurt, plain (full-fat people... don't skimp!)
A bit o' buttermilk/whole milk

*preheat your oven to 425 degrees, and make sure your rack is in the middle of your oven*

1. In a medium bowl, whisk together your flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.  Set aside.

2. Zest your grapefruit (if you can do this better than Cori did, I'll give you mad props), and combine with your sugar on a clean cutting board.

Use the back of a spoon to rub the zest and the sugar together (you can also use a bench knife to continue scraping that goodness around on your cutting board).

Your sugar mixture will smell of sweet, citrusy delight and be a blonde-ish orange color.

Whisk two tablespoons of it into your flour mixture, and set the rest aside for later sprinkling.

3. Segment your grapefruit.  For those of you who do not know how to do this (this guy), follow the directions and you can't go [too] wrong.  Slice off the top and bottom of the grapefruit, exposing a "star" of the grapefruit flesh inside.  Use a sharp knife to cut away the peel and the pith (white stuff and the rind), exposing the pink grapefruit flesh inside.  Do this all the way around until the grapefruit is nothing but squishy and you are pith-free.

Cut downwards along each segment (follow the white segment lines), and each piece should fall off the grapefruit in chunks.  My Type A personality took things a step further, thus removing all the white stuff from the sides of the chunks, AND cutting everything into 1 inch pieces.

Set aside your cleaned grapefruit (for just a sec).

4. Put your cold butter into the dry ingredients, and (working quickly) rub/mix everything together with your fingers (it feels gross... but if you do this in a mixer you're going to get tough scones).  The finished product should look like small dry peas, and slightly mealy.  Add the honey, plain yogurt and grapefruit segments, tossing with a fork until everything is combined and all the wet ingredients are mixed in (check the bottom of the pile...  I found dry, unmixed ingredients lurking down there!).

5. On a lightly floured surface, turn out your dough (it will be slightly sticky).  Form an 8 inch circle, about 1 inch thick.

Using the longest, sharpest knife you have, cut into 8 triangles (I chose 8 because I meant to do 6 and forgot about every geometry lesson I ever had...).

Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet and brush lightly with buttermilk/whole milk.

Sprinkle with the remaining grapefruit sugar.

6. Bake for 15-17 minutes, or until golden brown and slightly firm/pillowy in the center (touch the scone to understand what this means, kids).  Allow to cool on the pan for 10 minutes before serving.  You can store them in a plastic bag at room temp for about two days, or in a plastic bag in the fridge for about a week.  To reheat, I just popped one in the toaster oven the next morning on the lowest "toast" setting, and they came back to perfection in minutes!

P.S. They make your tongue tingle with delight.  It's not an allergic reaction... promise.

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