Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well Alright

"As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists."  ~Joan Gussow

On Wednesday, I brought my mother's massive 5 quart bowl-lift Kitchen Aid mixer into my apartment.

When I arrived home Thursday, I received ten flattened box tops with ten corresponding bottoms and innards via UPS.  I also discovered 200 dark brown standard sized cupcake liners in my mailbox.  

I bought 16 sticks of butter on Saturday.  Ten pounds of sugar.  Sixty four ounces of cream cheese.  Five bottles of red food coloring.  Forty-eight eggs.  One massive sack of powdered sugar.  

Over the next few days I'll be cutting out 100 mustaches and lips from varying colors of construction paper attached to 100 toothpicks.  With hot glue.

This Thursday I will be waking up at 8am to make eight cups of coffee and heading out to buy the last four ingredients I will need.  I'll return home and put on the appropriate apron in preparation to bake 200 cupcakes.

Then when Friday arrives, Those cupcakes will be frosted, covered in various adornments, and boxed.  Bed is promptly at whatever time I pass out.  Hopefully not on the cupcakes or the kitchen floor.

Saturday is delivery day.

And yes, that is one butter sculpture of Marilyn Monroe... although it looks more like a drag queen in a wrinkly dress.  

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