Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Falling Upwards

It's a chilly January morning.  The coffee is finishing its brewing cycle, the heat just kicked off in the apartment, and I'm almost done with breakfast.  And outside?  Outside the snow is falling upwards.

Interesting to me how my life has evolved in the last month.  I've gotten a car, switched my auto insurance, gotten in trouble a few times, and met an amazing girl I get to be with every day.  It just feels like it's overdue, you know?  Like I'd been looking for this from the beginning.  Just when everything felt like it was settling into a routine, my world changed when I met her.  Snow fell upwards - the way it should have all along.

She's bright and insistent.  Loving and warm.  Funny and nerdy.  Smart and curious.  And best of all?  She loves me.  ME.  Ohmygoodlordshelovesme.  Should anyone tell her what a freak I am?  How moody and weird I get?    About the crazy things I talk about?  The midgets I lock in the closet?  (Okay... maybe not that last one).

There are things that make sense in this world, like gravity, the effects of caffeine, and temperature.  And now that I've met her, let's add snow falling upwards to that list.

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