Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Way

Recently I'd been introduced to a fabulous "little" place here in downtown Indy called Midland Antiques. People can rent booth spaces and sell their antique wares/hand-me-downs/grandma's castoff's to their hearts content. You literally need to bring a snack because this place is SO huge and SO jam packed with stuff that you'll black out from lack of access to sustenance before you even reach the second floor. And yes... there is a SECOND FLOOR.

This place has provided one of my friends a sweet little gift for yours truly *see above*. After giving it a "good washing" and wrapping it neatly, I was presented with her fabulous find - a vintage beater, complete with smooth rotating gears and PINK HANDLES. Did I mention they are pink?? PINK.

Needless to say (or not, since I've chosen to say it anyway)... I want to beat eggs with this thing. Lots of them. Right now. With my new egg beater. Oh man.

Wait til breakfast, kids... it's going to be epic.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My life as Dr Doolittle

I'm not trying to get all sentimental and thoughtful on you guys, but as soon as I noticed this little guy perched on my parsley, I decided we had a lot in common. My life feels like I'm in the cocoon, which I'm sure is the direction he's heading as well. About to live up to his potential and fly away in a bright burst of color and flutter.

... And then my second thought was, "I ate a sushi roll once that looked just like that."