Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sometimes it's best when it's a mess

I bought a new apron today (that makes 1...2...3.........6 now). It is white cotton with what looks to be dining checks all over it, and patches of prints that make up the many deep pockets on the front. Immediately upon spying it, I knew it would be my new "Latin Dish Apron." You see... I wear a different apron for whatever it is I'm preparing.

There's the obvious "Cupcake Apron" (for all things cupcake related).
The "Italian Apron" (dedicated to both northern and southern Italian dishes).
The "Other Baked Goods Apron" (for everything that isn't a cupcake but is still a dessert).
The "Breakfast/Brunch Apron" (for when I make my pancakes, omelets, and whathaveyou).
And finally...
The "Asian Cuisine Apron" (obviously for all things of an Asian persuasion).

But until now I hadn't ever had anything with which I was completely happy making an enchilada in. Or a burrito. Or ceviche. You get my drift.

Wearing these aprons aren't just about looking "cute" or looking the part of whatever chef's hat I am donning at the moment. No, it's about not jinxing my food. I'm serious. Everything I have ever made in the "Cupcake Apron" has been a success. Every time. Every pasta dish I've tossed has been amazing, thanks to my "Italian Apron" *genuflecting*. So you have to understand how terribly excited I was upon the newest addition to my collection today for me to wear the "Latin Dish Apron" while making cupcakes. I was tempting fate.

And the above picture doesn't even encompass it. What happened was proof that you shouldn't f*ck around with a system that hasn't failed you yet. Not only did the white chocolate ganache never thicken (it's currently in the freezer turning into what I hope is a large block of solid white chocolate and champagne), but the powdered sugar for the frosting decided to come out in one giant chunk of sugary goodness. ALL OVER MY COUNTER. THE FLOOR. ME. Let's just say, snow came early this year and it was all over my kitchen.

So after whispering a few quiet, yet strong, curse words to myself, I took off the guilty apron, hung it up on the wall, and immediately reached for the "Cupcake Apron".... and took a huge swig of champagne.

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