Saturday, August 28, 2010


In the last hour I have been:

Nose-to-nose with a hummingbird.
In the presence of a beautiful green butterfly (luna moth?).
Baking several pans of ohmygodthesethingsarehuge blueberry muffins.

The latter may not be the greatest accomplishment, as I've done this many, many times over. But hummingbirds do not emit the aroma that blueberry muffins do while baking. Although I've actually never tried to bake a hummingbird... so I suppose I'll just have to make an educated guess.

As for the former, it was a magical experience. Upon waking up, I took my bleary-eyed self out to the porch to check on my "kids" (a.k.a. Betty Basil, Tony the Thyme, Penny Parsley, Chives McGee, Patty Petunia, and Zinnia - she prefers one name, like Cher). After taking their drink orders, filling my watering jug, and trundling back to the porch, I leaned down to Zinnia just as a hummingbird was hovering over the plant. I couldn't breathe. I dared not move. But all the while I'm thinking HOLY HELL IT'S A HUMMINGBIRD!!!

Convinced these elusive little creatures have telepathic abilities, it quickly departed. But I was left hovering over Zinnia for a good few more seconds, trying to soak up the sweet little experience I'd just had. And that's precisely when I turned and ran smack dab into a gianormous green butterfly (still... Luna Moth?). Awesomeness.

So as I sit here now on the very same veranda my little friends first found me on, I reflect on my sweet little encounters of the morning and think NATURE + KASEY = BFF!!!!!

p.s. The above picture is not, in fact, a picture of said new friend. It was a rare moment when I was without my phone within a 3 foot radius of myself.

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