Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sometimes it's best when it's a mess

I bought a new apron today (that makes 1...2...3.........6 now). It is white cotton with what looks to be dining checks all over it, and patches of prints that make up the many deep pockets on the front. Immediately upon spying it, I knew it would be my new "Latin Dish Apron." You see... I wear a different apron for whatever it is I'm preparing.

There's the obvious "Cupcake Apron" (for all things cupcake related).
The "Italian Apron" (dedicated to both northern and southern Italian dishes).
The "Other Baked Goods Apron" (for everything that isn't a cupcake but is still a dessert).
The "Breakfast/Brunch Apron" (for when I make my pancakes, omelets, and whathaveyou).
And finally...
The "Asian Cuisine Apron" (obviously for all things of an Asian persuasion).

But until now I hadn't ever had anything with which I was completely happy making an enchilada in. Or a burrito. Or ceviche. You get my drift.

Wearing these aprons aren't just about looking "cute" or looking the part of whatever chef's hat I am donning at the moment. No, it's about not jinxing my food. I'm serious. Everything I have ever made in the "Cupcake Apron" has been a success. Every time. Every pasta dish I've tossed has been amazing, thanks to my "Italian Apron" *genuflecting*. So you have to understand how terribly excited I was upon the newest addition to my collection today for me to wear the "Latin Dish Apron" while making cupcakes. I was tempting fate.

And the above picture doesn't even encompass it. What happened was proof that you shouldn't f*ck around with a system that hasn't failed you yet. Not only did the white chocolate ganache never thicken (it's currently in the freezer turning into what I hope is a large block of solid white chocolate and champagne), but the powdered sugar for the frosting decided to come out in one giant chunk of sugary goodness. ALL OVER MY COUNTER. THE FLOOR. ME. Let's just say, snow came early this year and it was all over my kitchen.

So after whispering a few quiet, yet strong, curse words to myself, I took off the guilty apron, hung it up on the wall, and immediately reached for the "Cupcake Apron".... and took a huge swig of champagne.


In the last hour I have been:

Nose-to-nose with a hummingbird.
In the presence of a beautiful green butterfly (luna moth?).
Baking several pans of ohmygodthesethingsarehuge blueberry muffins.

The latter may not be the greatest accomplishment, as I've done this many, many times over. But hummingbirds do not emit the aroma that blueberry muffins do while baking. Although I've actually never tried to bake a hummingbird... so I suppose I'll just have to make an educated guess.

As for the former, it was a magical experience. Upon waking up, I took my bleary-eyed self out to the porch to check on my "kids" (a.k.a. Betty Basil, Tony the Thyme, Penny Parsley, Chives McGee, Patty Petunia, and Zinnia - she prefers one name, like Cher). After taking their drink orders, filling my watering jug, and trundling back to the porch, I leaned down to Zinnia just as a hummingbird was hovering over the plant. I couldn't breathe. I dared not move. But all the while I'm thinking HOLY HELL IT'S A HUMMINGBIRD!!!

Convinced these elusive little creatures have telepathic abilities, it quickly departed. But I was left hovering over Zinnia for a good few more seconds, trying to soak up the sweet little experience I'd just had. And that's precisely when I turned and ran smack dab into a gianormous green butterfly (still... Luna Moth?). Awesomeness.

So as I sit here now on the very same veranda my little friends first found me on, I reflect on my sweet little encounters of the morning and think NATURE + KASEY = BFF!!!!!

p.s. The above picture is not, in fact, a picture of said new friend. It was a rare moment when I was without my phone within a 3 foot radius of myself.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How do I feel?

I feel... bright. Calm. That things are... possible. It's been quite a while.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name That Accolade

Hello everyone. One of my good friends from work is holding a really fun contest! See, there's this dress... and she really loves it... and while it doesn't yet have an official "name" yet (a.k.a. it's not even ON the website yet), this lovely lady is itching to come up with a name. And thus, a contest is born. Enter to win, and you could end up with a $25 gift certificate to Anthropologie (not to shabby, huh?). Just follow the link to her blog below, enter to win, and cross your fingers! Maybe you'll be the one to win the blue ribbon...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let me get what I want

In the course of the past hour, I've managed to eat my modest Cracklin' Oat Bran (don't laugh), switch on some tunes, and make two pots of coffee. Only one of the pots made it into the carafe, while the other filled my counter top with the liquid goodness - such a waste.

It's a Smiths kind of morning here in the apartment. "Let Me" is playing in the background while I sip my coffee and stare out the window. I'm not sitting here trying to tell you I'm reflecting on the past 27 years of my life (well... almost 27), but it has crossed my mind to do so. I just keep thinking, "Why were we put on this earth? What am I capable of? It can't be that I'm meant to spend all my time worrying about paying bills, career paths and the economy!" We may not even be "meant" for anything at all, but long ago it was decided by many people that there is a pattern and blueprint for our lives: birth, education, more education, MORE education (if that's what you're into), sex, job, another job, more sex, marriage, kids, tenure at job, bills, taxes, retirement, death. This is is all very loosely put, but for a lot of people in America at least, it's the blueprint we follow. It's worked and will work for us, even if we have to kill ourselves to succeed in it.

Well, I don't want any of that (except the sex of course, and at least a fun job where I feel challenged). I want to do more with my time here and see everything I can. I want to get out, get going and drink it all in. The world is not "out there", it's here. And it's up to me to make things happen, to see things, to experience the world. I don't need the four walls of the blueprint to have a happy and fulfilling life. This planet was around a lot longer than the blueprint. The career is not who I am, it's what I do. The actions I take are the definitions I've chosen for myself, not what's been assigned to me. I have more control than I think. I work to live, I don't live to work. Everything we do up until our death is relative. If we haven't lived out loud, said what we thought, experienced everything we can, it's all just... filler. If we are doing things that drive us and fill us with joy and awe, we have succeeded. Life is what we have experienced.

It's going to be an amazing, amazing day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Off With Her Head

Sometimes it feels like I'm painting the roses red. Making my surroundings match the bubbling colorful landscape I so desire to surround myself with. I can't help it - I love to nest. If it were possible, I'd create a whole world for myself designed to my exact specifications, and I'd never leave. This world is pure fantasy and certainly not likely to happen any time soon. I'd like to do this with all aspects of my life - home, work, love... all of it. Paint it all crimson and clover. Would it make me happy or bored? Could be interesting to find out...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Ebbs And Flows

There's a moment in the movie "Mean Girls" where Caddy describes her inability to shut up as having "word vomit". I have this terrible, debilitating disease, and at this point am unsure as to whether or not Pepto can cure it. Not sure if I think the other person will have the answer or insight I'm looking for, but I put it out there anyway. My openness has gotten my ass in a sling before, and yet I can't just plug up my pie hole and keep it to myself. My mother has said on repeated occasions, "Honey, you knew this would happen!". Well of course I did... but I honestly thought that this time would be different! WRONG. SO WRONG. It's NEVER different. Not ever! Where's the Pepto??