Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time Apart

The phone is right next to my arm on the chair. Rarely outside of a three foot radius, my "space phone" seductively offers tantalizing apps for every possible need or time-wasting moment I have in my life. It's hard for me to think of a moment when I am not either checking up on Facebook, reading others' entries on Twitter, building a new word on Words With Friends, or opening my e-mail for the fifth time in an hour. And let's not get into how much I really do prefer to text over actually talking to a real human being. Imagine that.

So this Friday I've started something a little different. I've picked up a book (thank you Kelsey), am baking vegan cupcakes (thank you Bennett and Adri), and will spend time with the rest of the world. Maybe I'll take in a crossword puzzle or two.

My phone has only been used as a way to *gulp* call people, with one exception (Dad, we won't count that one text I sent you during the Rose Bowl Parade). I fully expected a slip and have now gotten it out of the way.

I'm taking a break from all things Facebook, Twitter, and the like. The laptop will be the only way I'll see if I have mail whatsoever (although most of it will be from Facebook, I'm sure).

Wish me luck, kids.

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