Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 (and it feels so good)

I'm doing well. Feeling good. And I think I've only picked up my phone 12 times to NOT check my e-mail/troll Facebook/stalk friends. Only 12... I swear.

Waiting until I get home to check my e-mail has a certain "romanticism" to it - very You've Got Mail. Unfortunately for me, there were no e-mails from Tom Hanks. That would have been too good to be true.

So I'm loosely planning my menu for food this week. I've decided to make two things: a Giadi De Laurentiis creation (yet to be determined) and a red velvet cake. I'll be learning how to "crumb coat" a cake, which I think is perfect to try on the error-showing red velvet slabs of heaven. And then if I screw up the second coat, I'll just add a third. I'm an equal-opportunist.

I wonder what a layer of raspberry would taste like in the middle...

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