Monday, March 16, 2009

Gives a whole new meaning to the term Bed Rock

1. Rock Pillows ( )I want a room full of these things. I'll paint it grey, put a primitive fire pit in the corner of the room and make myself a Girl Cave. Maybe some tofu roasting over said fire. Some people come up with the neatest ideas for pillows, and I'm a fan of almost every single one of them.

2. Fruit Pillows ( Um... giant fruit. As pillows. Do I really need to tell you why I want these? I wonder if they make starfruit...

3. Star Pillows ( The star pillows are quirky and whimsical, and totally unique. My favorite would be the grass star pillow, and I can absolutely see them on my Ikea wicker chairs out on the porch. The designer, Stephanie Wenzel, has an eye on all things modern and funky. LOVE IT.

4. Log Pillow ( These cute guys are actually hand made, as described on the Thread Banger website. This site gives all kinds of fantastic ideas for home-made goodies, from cutsie pillows to Sweeney Todd-inspired ruffle shirts (no, I'm not the least bit kidding). The site has a great sense of humor and whimsy and a TON of ideas for what to do on a rainy afternoon (or weekend, for those not-so-saavy with a needle and thread).

5. Zombie Pillows ( I can't even begin to tell you how loud I squealed when I found these. Zombie pillows, people. Can you even stand it?! They're even holding human hearts! I don't care how morbid and strange my guests would think I am, because the satisfaction of having these proudly displayed on my couch is almost too much for me. I might actually have to put these on my birthday wishlist this year. OMG.

6. Pop Pillows ( Angel, Devil, Dead Tired, or Noise Pollution. I can't choose which one!

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