Friday, March 27, 2009

Forget the planner, I want my sticky notes!

Yes, I was the one who went to the Seven Habits for Highly Effective Whatsherbutts. That was me. And yes, I subscribed to the tasking lists, labeling each one with an "A" for degree of severity, and a "1,2,3" for order in which I would accomplish them. I had thrown away my sticky notes, cast them aside, never to be seen or heard from again. It was as if I'd banished the sticker-tape parade that consumed my desk. It was beautifully organized. It was easy to read. It was the hardest thing I've had to stick to, no pun intended. After a short period of time, I found I was convincing myself to put the easiest "out of the way" tasks first, getting to the fun stuff as quickly as possible. This did not work. Projects were pushed back, steps weren't taken, and I found I was getting even more stressed out because everything was piling up at the last minute, but now it was on paper! I couldn't run away from the list staring me back in the face. I was in planner Hell!

Now I'm off the planner, at least for tasking purposes. My new method of getting stuff done? You guessed it - sticky notes. But now I'm playing a sort of "sticky roulette", writing down one task per note, grouping them together on my desk, closing my eyes and picking one up. No matter what it says, I have to do it until there are no more stickies left. It's genius, AND I like seeing only one sticky left. Makes me feel good. Plus, the stickies pick up the dust, which is soemthing else I need to do today... dust. Let me go get a sticky!

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