Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And back to fifth grade we go

A lot of things can bring me back to grade school, and last Saturday was no exception. The food court in my mall is set up like an exaggerated version of my school cafeteria, and I found myself watching the different groups of people who were sitting together while I ate in solitude. For example, the family on the left was out enjoying the weather that day, looking for a new dress to give their little girl. But, more intriguing than that was the pair of men sitting to the right of them. The man in the suit seemed to be half listening to his friend in the t-shirt while he talked about his girlfriend. T-Shirt Man produced a tiny black box from his pocket and handed it to The Suit, who proceeded to flip the lid, revealing a large, sparkling ring. They chatted about the ring for a few moments and then T-Shirt Man closed the box and set it next to his hand for the rest of their meal. In some perverse corner of my mind I was hoping The Suit was actually his boyfriend and T-Shirt Man was asking for his hand in marriage in the middle of the food court. Something about that scenario would have just made my day completely. I think I'll go on thinking that. They really would have made a lovely couple.

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