Friday, February 13, 2009

Tell Me

"Life is short, art long, opportunities fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult." - Hypocrites

I was rifling through my books yesterday and found one I'd received as a Christmas gift from my father. The book isn't really one you'd sit down and read. Rather, it's something more of an "audience participation" project - you get to fill in all the blanks (of which there are many!). There are these fun, quirky pictures to accompany each new list you get to make. Take for example the list of The Websites You Visit Most. On the opposite page is a drawing of a squirrel taking a swig out of a jug marked XXX, with the heading "DRUNKSQUIRREL.COM". I kid you not, this is a real site. So in honor of this lovely little book, I will treat you to one of my own lists. God save you if you actually have read this far...

List The Way You've Changed Since Your Teens
  1. I don't split my hair down the middle.
  2. I wear makeup every day. Without fail, people.
  3. I succumbed to the peer pressure of wearing flaired jeans. In 9th grade I actually wrote a paper about how stupid this trend was and how I was going to wear my Jenko Jeans in protest forever. I got an A.
  4. I've realized how much I make boys nervous when I want to and have used this to my advantage in several instances.
  5. I've gained 7 pounds. But who hasn't?
  6. My musical tastes have continued to evolve from my beloved Spice Girls and Hanson obsessions, though I will still break out some "Spice Up Your Life" every now and again, just to remember where I came from.
  7. My appreciation for school has grown now that I'm not in it. Go figure. Sorry mom and dad.
  8. NPR is now my favorite radio station. Ever. I'm serious, have you ever listened to Click & Clack? A Prairie Home Companion? Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me?? Oh my goodness... and how could you miss This American Life? These are amazing shows! SO much better than TV.
  9. I've moved around on my own to different places, the present one being Raleigh, NC.
  10. Acquired 2 tattoos (and really want a 3rd).
  11. Became a quasi-vegetarian in 2007.
  12. Ended my relationship with Starbucks on a business level and began work in the beauty/retail industry.
  13. Became proud of my brother. That kid's in the Navy now and kickin' ass working the Sonar.
  14. Learned how to say no, but not when.
  15. Picked up a camera (or two).
  16. Stopped chasing "pretty boys".
  17. Discovered I was bisexual. I guess I didn't "change" really, just understood myself more.
  18. I used to use face wash and lotion on my skin. Now I use two different cleansers (morning and night... hello?), liquid exfoliant, toner, tourmaline radiance fluid, green science eye creme, olive moisturizing creme (day), apple almond velvet concentrate (night), I have 3 different face masks and I will occasionally do a Biore nose strip. When it comes to skin care now, it's either "go big or go home."
  19. My boobs got a little bigger. And I thought they were perfect as B's, but noooOOOooo, they had to runneth over their cups. Now I have to worry about the day they decide to travel south toward my knee caps.
  20. I've developed an admiration and fascination for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, as well as Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire and Marie Antoinette. I've read all of their biographies and have a little crush on each of them.

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  1. I'm so down with the lists! I feel like I have to make lists for everything and sometime that prevents me from working faster! Definetly sounds like a cool book!