Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Off The Top... A Little More...

Behind this door lies a man who just asked his girlfriend to trim up his neck hair. Hold on... Excuse me while I shudder. I'm going to be bringing a blade next to your jugular? For real?? The closest I've gotten to trimming hair in delicate areas with a buzzing utensil was about 7 years ago and it did NOT turn out okay. Massive amounts of tissue were used to stop the bleeding. But as the loving girlfriend and helpful person I am, I said I'd do it.

So there I was. Standing behind Matthew in the bathroom. A whirring clipper in my hand. Hair covering his exposed neck. He was patient enough while I carved out what I thought was a pretty good line along the bottom of his hair line. And then he said, "You can turn that and stab at it too." *brief pause while you contemplate what he just said*

Matthew trusted me so completely, and I was trying so hard to make it even, when all I really wanted to do was buzz out "I <3 KB" on the back of his head. Would have been quite the conversation starter at the office later, huh? Ah well... we might trim the rest of his hair later. Moments of opportunity are everywhere.

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