Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Out, You're Not

The only grocery store I've gone to since moving down to North Carolina is Harris Teeter. It's a great place with a wonderfully vast selection of organic produce (as Matthew likes to point out, they write on a chalk board inside exactly how many items are organic, as if I actually had time to verify this number). Every time I go to this grocery store the same woman helps me. And every time she helps me, she confuses me with someone else. The other day she asked if I'd been online to check out the free bagel coupon like she told me to. Um... lady, you never told me to check out free bagels online. Ever. And if you did, you know I would have been all up ON that. But okay... whatever. Well today she took my cart and said, "I see you remembered your Harris Teeter card today! See? I told you to bring it!" *I slightly cocked my eyebrow* "Uh... hehe... yeah, I remembered..." All the while I'm secretly wishing she would have a day off. Just one, and I want someone else to ring me out on that day. I really don't have the heart to tell her she's confusing me with another devastatingly beautiful and witty girl... I mean... right? But on the other hand, how long can I bite my tongue before it all comes out like word vomit that I JUST WANT TO GET MY GROCERIES AND LEAVE AND YES I BROUGHT MY CARD AND NO I DID NOT BRING IN THE COUPON FOR A FREE PACK OF TAMPONS. Yeesh.

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