Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Want One With Everything On It

When I picked up Winston from Whitney and Bill's house yesterday, I also grabbed his bag. It had most of the things you'd expect to come out of a doggy diaper bag: bowls, food, leashes (of which there were six), those sorts of things. But then I saw Winston's wardrobe, and it was all over. There HAD to be a fashion show. There would have been more pictures of more outfits, but it would have required me to torture his poor animal more than once, which I am not about to do. But, one hot dog outfit later, Winston was showin' the world who wears the wiener in his family. And my oh my, doesn't he look scrumptious? I might take it one step further tomorrow and make his parents a cute little collage of Winston as ______. That is, if Winston is feeling sassy enough.

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