Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goodbye Princess

When Matthew first told me Raleigh had something like 64,000 people moving into the city every day, I scoffed. How in the world is that possible? And a better question - how many people are moving OUT? I need to know the net gain of people being lured in by the city and its residents. Certainly Matthew was trying his hardest, for sure. Not only did I come to visit said city, but I both met and fell in love with his friends and the area itself. Instantly smitten was I.

So three and a half months later, Matthew and I packed up my life and drove eastward to combine our worlds. It wasn't the hardest drive I've ever had to make (as I can recall a drive from Virginia to Florida with my father and brother as being very monotonous and full of "are we there yet??"). We drove from thick, packed snow and ice, through lightly chilled air, and into clear night skies. Rest stops with caged Coke, overly-excited heaters and even sign-in guest books. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't trust the pencil attached to that clipboard. You just peed and now you're going to touch the communal pencil?? WHY?!?

North Carolina wasn't as far away as I thought it'd be. Though I'm far from my family and all things familiar, I am happy in the notion of love and completeness. Matthew and I are blending well, despite the not agreeing on where to throw our keys or which towels we'll use. I love figuring things out with him, and for all of this to work out is a miracle indeed. Now if I could just get him to hang up his pants when he takes them off...

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