Friday, February 13, 2009

Dictators Ride To and Fro Upon Tigers Which They Dare Not Dismount

This is Winston, everybody. Winston? This is everybody. Winston is the cutest little thing you ever did see, and is my sidekick for the next few days while his mommy and daddy (Whitney and Bill) are out of town. So far, Winston and I have taken three walks, watched P.S. I Love You (I had to get him a tissue, the big sap), and played with his hot dog outfit. Because I can't help but want to mess with pictures, I've also included a photoshopped version of Winston, portraying him in a slightly different manner. I call it, "Dog Under Plastic".

It's like someone put him in one of those vacuum-sealed bags or something. They're trying to keep him dust-free until his parents get home. Hilarious!

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